The act of Creating is imperative.

I tell stories through set design, costume design and fiber art. I create visual language which imparts a sense of awe and possibility to the audience.

Archetypal symbols & shapes...

My costume, set designs and fiber art pieces, are inspired by archetypal symbols and shapes. I like to leave faces ‘un-made’ and edges un-done, because I believe in the power of sparking imagination.

I love the illusion that theatre creates.

I want my audience to ‘fill in the blanks’ with their own imaginations. One viewer will see my felted sculptures, as theatrical and fun… another viewer will find them mysterious and even scary.

Sparking imagination...

I love having a sparked imagination and wish to spark the imagination of others, and then my role as an artist is complete, for this moment.

After nearly twenty years working as a costume designer in the performing arts, I always find myself returning to felt-making and fiber art.

Queen of Hearts

I thrive on the challenge that wool and felting present. Felt is the oldest form of textile making. It is what mankind made before we knew how to weave and sew. Yet, most people don't know where felt came from, what felt is, or how it is made. The way I see it, we have removed ourselves quite far from a knowledgeable heritage. I choose to use wool and felt-making as my medium because I appreciate and learn from the heritage of working with this ancient material and technique. It makes me feel grounded as a person.

Nina's costume and set designs have been seen from Edinburgh to Stockholm, from Helsinki to California and on numerous stages in between.

Siiri I work internationally but live and create in Taos, New Mexico, where my kids shuffle about in felted shoes and crowns...

A Continuing Creative Process

» The artisan in me is challenged by the laborious process.
» The engineer in me is challenged by creating something three-dimensional by manipulating the stubborn wool fibers.
» And the artist in me thrives on creating visual stories.

As life presents a spectrum of experiences; rewards and challenges, hardness and softness; I have incorporated hard materials with the soft, ‘cozy’ wool such as river rocks, wood, and metal needles. I will continue to explore this juxtaposition of materials.